About Us

Artisan of Texas

Artisan of Texas has been in the decorative concrete business for 13 years. We have extensive field experience and have done jobs ranging from large commercial scale projects to sidewalks and patios for homeowners.  As the industry and techniques change and adapt, so do we. We have portfolios of our work and numerous references. To see some of our work just ask. We have many Houston businesses that are happy to showcase our decorative concrete work.
If you are looking at having a stained concrete floor installed, a back patio stamped, or anything related to concrete construction or concrete repair, call us for  free  estimate. We aim to please and our prices are very competitive.

Artisan of Texas

The Owner:

Trey Cameron has been staining and stamping concrete for 14 years. He is the color artist and salesperson. He will help you pick something that will look great, as well be there for the installation. From experience he knows that the color you pick is what will make or break your project. Therefore its important not to pass the buck from sales to installation. He believes every installation should last forever with minimal maintenance. Therefore, he will not sell sub par products, coloring techniques or temporary installations. Its important to pick someone who is truly dedicated to architectural concrete as a profession. He takes great pride in going the extra mile to achieve a great piece of concrete art. He lives in Houston with his wife and four sons.


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