Repairing Concrete

Repair Concrete

When your concrete surface has been damaged by age, cracking, contamination or other flooring materials, Artisan can repair and restore the surface and apply any of our floor finishing processes. Whether inside or out, your existing surfaces can be repaired for stains, dyes, stamping, stenciling, sand blasting or any of our creative finishes.
damaged concrete damaged concrete

Damaged Surfaces

Remove that aged and worn linoleum, tile and carpet. Then we can create a new canvas. To that canvas Artisan can apply the new colors, textures and patterns that reflect both your current needs and the latest in home fashion.
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Repairing Methods

Overlay Techniques

  • Pour Microtopping
  • Level Microtopping
  • Trowel Microtopping
  • Scoring
  • Stain Microtopping
  • Overlay Microtopping
  • Texture
  • Stencil


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