Stained Concrete Houston

Stained Concrete

Stained Concrete Houston

Elegant and innovative floors to match a wide range of architectural styles for every fashion sense. Artisan knows how to take advantage of the extraordinary variety of colors, textures, lines, shapes and patterns available to you.

Acid Stained Concrete

Acid staining concrete is where we excel. Typically we use Kemiko acid stains which can be found at . Acid stains are available in 8-10 colors and vary in attributes per manufacturer. These concrete stains create a multitude of marblized and variegated colors that are a unique reaction with the acid salts and cement. We sometimes further push the envelope by layering and using faux effects when desired. Just one color is still the most popular choice as simplistic beauty is sometimes the best. However, if you want borders of a darker color tile cuts with grout we can do that too.
stained concrete

Concrete Dye Stains

Concrete dye stains are a new micropigment technology that can also be used to stain concrete and are sometimes a better choice for interior work. Particularly if the desired color is not available in an acid stain. Concrete dyes are applied using an acetone carried dye and do not rely on a chemical reaction, therefore making it easier to cover blemishes and imperfections. Dye n Seal Color charts can be found at our manufacturer's website at
stained concrete houston

Polished concrete

Polished concrete is a beautiful way to have a simple modern look and a virtually maintenance free floor. Polished concrete is a method by which concrete is ground with diamond pads in successively finer grits to create a finished surface without relying on topical waxes or sealers. Polishing and staining concrete can be combined but it will be more uniform in appearance. Color Juice (polished concrete stain) can also be found at
stained concrete houston

Sealing and Maintenance

All outdoor stained concrete needs a new coat of urethane every 2 years or so. Interior stain is typically sealed then waxed with a floor finish. They should never have to be resealed just periodically waxed. All these tasks can be easily accomplished by either the customer or us. When maintained our stained concrete will never chip off fade crack or peel. Quite the contrary it should look the same as when we left for many years to come.

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